Advanced Package

Introduction to Commercial Voices

The Intro to Commercial Voices Package as taught to accredited training organisations is priced at $399+gst and includes:

1st Session:

  1. One-on-one with Industry Expert

    1. Industry expectations – target markets, trends
    2. Marketing yourself as a freelancer –  platforms, pay rate positioning
    3. Home Studio Setup Requirements – microphone options, acoustics, additional equipment, editing software, etc.
    4. Scripting Basics – Corporate, Hard Sell, Soft-sell, Informational, conversational, etc
    5. Q & A
  1. Basics with Vocal Coach

    1. Vocal exercises for warming up the voice and improving diction
    2. Read style vocal practice – inflections and understanding pacing for read types
    3. Recognising your voice and understanding how to manipulate it for commercial application
  1. Homework

    1. Writing generalised commercial scripts using guide provided – 3-4 scripts to create (Copywriting services available at $99+gst)
    2. Listening to Samples
    3. Practicing vocal exercise and read styles

2nd Session – 1 hour working with qualified Audio Engineer

    1. Microphone technique – body positioning, breath spacing and inflections, phonetic occurrences such as plosives and fricatives
    2. Demo recordings and edits
    3. Voice Reel provided on completion