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ANNcast ASX Announcement

What is ANNcast ASX Announcement? ANNcast turns your ASX Announcements into a professional Podcast for the benefit of your stakeholders and industry. It ‘Announces the Announcement’. We automatically take your nominated ASX Announcements and convert them into a spoken Podcast format referencing the actual published announcements. View our ANNcast Brochure and Pricing


Production Process at Magic Studios




What exactly are ASX Announcements?

“ASX acts as a market operator, clearing house and payments system facilitator. It oversees compliance with its operating rules, promotes standards of corporate governance among Australia’s listed companies and helps to educate retail investors.” –

These Announcements can be dire to investors and stakeholders. They can contain vital information such as:


-Interruptions to trading

-Quarterly Cash Flow Reports

-Change of Directors

-Activity reports

-Cleansing Notices

-Intentions of bids and many more!


Essentially, these announcements keep the public up to date with business and financial matters happening within the stock market. This generally concerns investors and stockholders of an ASX registered company. 

Why should I choose ANNcast ASX Announcements with Magic Studios?

Here at Magic Studios, we can bring the ‘boring’ back to life. Financial or business announcements don’t need to be plain boring chunks of information. Only with Magic Studios will your ASX announcements be able to have the creative, upbeat curation it requires to engage back with your market audience.



Though if you want a simple stripped back read style, we can cater for that also! We are flexible and time efficient, so your market still gets their information within adequate time of the official announcement release. Just give Magic studios a call on 1300 100 333 today and see what the team can do for you!