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Audio Production Perth

During the production process at Magic Studios we always strive to create the most professional product possible to suit the brand of your business. Here are the steps we take to ensure we produce the perfect audio production from Perth every time. Consultation Firstly, we need to know a little bit about your business. This […]

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How Sound Effects Improve Your Voice Over Productions.

At Magic Studios we know that sound effects improve audio production. Instead of people subconsciously listening to just your voice over recordings, why not bring the scene to life and keep them engaged and excited? You can do this with the use of sound effects, by picking them to fit the themes of the audio […]

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Why choose a male voice over artist for your audience?

When you select a male voice over artist, you’re literally choosing the voice of your business and that’s a decision as important as any other choice you’ll make regarding your marketing campaign. Selecting a male voice over or female voice over, its really about choosing a persona for your business and it requires many of […]

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Why choose a female voice over artist for your audience?

Just like when you choose any other aspect of your marketing campaign, when you select a female voice over artist, you’re choosing a voice that represents your business; in this case, literally the voice of your business.  While many may see selecting a male voice over or female voice over as a fairly trivial decision, […]

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Slide Presentation Videos

Why use Voovi for slide presentation videos  Videos don’t have to be expensive to deliver great product information and marketing results. In fact, in many cases so much time and money can be saved by using a more simplistic approach.    “Voovi” is a Magic Videos coined term that stands for “Voice over Vision” –simple, […]

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