Client Examples

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At Magic Studios, we take pride in our work. So please feel free to browse through some of our more prestigious clients in the podcasting sector. This first piece is an on going podcast released weekly to monthly, by a couple of Australian ex SAS guys, now both with Master’s of Business Administration. Introducing Tim & Ben as they take us through vital moments of their service, focusing on resilience and mental health. The pair have been with Magic Studios for over 2 years and have just finished their first audiobook The Resilience Shield, trust us, its worth a listen!

Next up we have, Alisha Aitken-Radburn’s (you may remember her from Australian’s “The Bachelor”) podcast “In the house and in the senate.” This podcast is hosted by Alisha and follows her as she speaks with women of Australian politics. Her goal is to uncover the passions that led these woman through the years and what, in their minds, needs to change within the political system and Parliament house. We are all excited as Alisha is now starting her second season with us!

Here is a podcast where the title explains itself! Bush footy legends, presented by Think Mental Health, is a podcast following presenter Tim Edmunds as he speakers with numerous guys from the AFL, that happened to start their career in the Western Australian bush leagues. They cover what it was like growing up in those regional areas and the struggles they faced along their careers. Take a look!


To check out more of the podcasts that come out of Magic Studios, contact us on 1300 100 333!