Music Selection

Diverse range of music for advertising choices

Magic Studios have thousands of hours of quality music for advertising for you to select from.

Whilst we have a huge range of of music to suit most audio applications please note that we are not set up for band music production type recordings. We are primarily used for voice over recording, editing and audio post production work.  For over 15 years we have supplied music for TV and films, music for podcasts and documentaries, music for YouTube and social media, and music for radio advertising.

Music used in marketing creates a brand persona just like the colors of a logo. For example a premium brand like Lexus may use classical music to denote class and sophistication whereas an extreme sports brand like Go Pro may use a heavier rock music track to emulate a youth full active persona. The same principal applies when selecting music for your voice over production project.

Music For AdvertisingIs your music APRA and Amcos compliant?

Did you know it is illegal use some types of copyright music in  your advertising and fines and penalties can apply? Our production team can make sure that your using copy right compliant music and audio. This ensures that you are not breaching APRA and AMCOS regulations. Find out more at http://apraamcos.com.au/  regarding your audio advertising compliance legal obligations.

Our sound engineers can help you select from thousands of different music tracks to ensure that your professional voice over recording is the best. We have a huge range of music the suits all types of businesses brand sentiments. The range is diverse, from relaxed jazz to urban and hip hop music tracks. If you have your own audio and have permission from the artist to use this we can for fill most types of audio post production work.

Call us now to arrange assistance to select music sounds great and engages with your target demographic!

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Listen to a small section of our music library samples below.

Chilled and Ambient

Low-tempo, down-beat, light electronic music. Modern sounding, without the heavy, pounding beats of dance music. Often lots of pads, strings, and light melodic sounds. Great for modern, tech-based companies.


Classical music creates a sense of quality, sophistication and class for your brand message and products. These music tracks contain a mix of well-known orchestral pieces and symphonies, string and piano-led pieces.


Country, Western, Country Rock, Country Blues and the like. Generally simple harmonies accompanied mostly by banjos, electric & acoustic guitars, fiddles and harmonicas.

Dance and Club

Fast-paced, up-tempo electronic music, typically with a heavy 4/4 kick drum beat accompanied by deep bass, synths, and keyboard leads. Popular for businesses that are fast moving, dynamic and cutting edge. Great for tech-based companies, products and services.

Easy Listening

Easy on the ears, these tracks are neither harsh and heavy, or slow and sleepy. Typically guitar or piano driven with an array of influences, from pop to jazz, ‘classic’ tracks and old-time favourites, with no abrasive or harsh elements. Suitable for brands with a very broad demographic.

Funk and Soul

Bass-popping, groovy Funk and smooth Soul, with jazzy rhythms. Electric guitar and bass with wailing organs and a touch of brass. ‘Get On Up!’

Jazz and Cafe Jazz

Ragtime, bebop, big band, swing, free-form and traditional – Jazz comes in many flavours. Using elements of swing, syncopation and improvisation, Jazz has a very unique ‘vibe’ to get clients in the groove. Café Jazz brings the style into the modern age with mid-tempo electro-styles, smooth bass and synth lines, perfect for a lounge bar or trendy restaurant.

Latin and Jazz Latin

Rhythmic sounds from Latin America, via Spain and Africa. These tracks incorporate styles like salsa, jazz samba, tango and bossa nova with plenty of Spanish guitar, hand percussion and brass.

Light and New Jazz

Relaxing, calming, soft and soothing music. Low-tempo, melodic tracks with a mix of acoustic and electronic pan pipes, guitar, flutes, piano and strings.

Lounge and Grooves

Electronic-styled, mid-tempo with soft synths, varied percussion and a cool groove. Can incorporate elements from many styles, like jazz, electro, funk and dance.


Modern & classic Pop. Upbeat, cheerful, easy to bop to. Incorporates a number of musical styles, from rock to dance and everything in between.


Includes the sub-categories of Blues, Classic Rock, Heavy Rock and Pop Rock
Rock & Roll in all its guises. Guitar-driven with a solid bass line and strong back beat. From its roots in Blues, through the glam, prog and ‘classic’ rock of the 70’s, the stadium rock of the 80’s and 90’s, and the hard-edged sounds of metal, punk and hardcore.


Incorporating various genres from pop to rock, these tracks are easy listening with an up-tempo, cheerful and positive vibe.

Urban and Hip Hop

Music from the streets – hip hop, rap, urban and grime, based on beefy beats and slick production, with edgy samples and breaks.

World and Ethnic

Cultural themes from all over the globe - from the far East to the jungles of South America, the deserts of Africa to the Australian outback.

Chirstmas Music

Most of our clients will update their on hold messages at Christmas to celebrate the festive season. These tracks are a mixture of traditional Christmas carols and songs.