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The Music Videos Perth Package

Have you ever laid-back watching MTV Music or Rage and thought, “geez this video clip isn’t that complex? Why can’t I do that!?’ Well now you can! In fact, you can sing virtually at da club/ at a pool party/in outer space or even on top of a mountain! without the cost of travel or having to cast for extras. Your imagination is the limit! Introducing The Music Videos Perth Package from Magic Studios.

Package Includes

Here’s a few reasons why you should choose Magic Studios for your partners in production.

Only with a Magic Studios music video will you be able to get;

Here’s a few reasons why you should choose Magic Studios for your partners in production.

Only with a Magic Studios music video will you be able to get;

– 2 hours of studio time, Inclusive of Videographer and Audio Engineer (on average 1 hour of recording and 1 hour of post editing)

– Ability to use props in video recording (Smaller props and single instruments allowed such as guitar and or keyboard, no bands)

– 2 Songs of your choosing (Music to be supplied by Client at a Maximum of 5 Minutes in length, each. Copyright compliance is responsibility of the Client)

– Professional quality end product, completed in outstanding turnaround time (2-3 working Days)

– Shot in 1080p or 4k Resolution.

– Record in both the professional audio booth and then Chromakey Video Studio.

– Audio Mixed and Mastered to Industry Standards.

– Chromakey Benefits – Selection of Backgrounds (Using Videoblocks for maximum of 5 dynamic video backgrounds per song with simple fade transitions)

– One on one with the Editors to better understand your end result goals.

– Logo Animation for Intro to Music Video.


All of this for just $299 + gst!


“So, this all seems great but what would I actually use this for?”

So glad you asked!


Our Chromakey based Music Videos have been used for auditions into select schools (Scholarships), Movie or TV Parts, Stage plays and for permanent employment rolls through adding one of our videos to a show reel (Industry term for video demo reel showcasing a person’s previous work).

Coming into 2021 we are finding more and more people are considering this for the perfect Birthday or Christmas gift, as well a way to get some insight into the industry through real studio experience.

What ever your need is, we can fulfil it! We understand that not everyone can afford a minimum of $10,000 for a music video, especially when its usually a cover of a song being performed. With The Music Videos Perth Package at Magic Studios, we can make it affordable and fun.

Let us do all the heavy lifting, you just bring the talent! Take a look at some of the work our studio has produced below and see for yourself! You won’t be disappointed.


Video Preparation Tips

Remember the best thing you can do to prepare for your recording is to practice, practice, practice!

With this experience you will want to be enjoying the moment as much as possible, because yes… that’s right… it’s FUN! Try not to put pressure on yourself, nobody nails it the first time and you can always come back for another go. Think if it as training for the big show.

If you are new to Chromakey video recording, we have some guides that should be looked over before booking in session.


Please note the $299+ Gst package isn’t a Hollywood standard production as these can cost 10’s of thousands of dollars. This isn’t the aim of this package. We aim to offer a professional introduction to the recording process with a great end result at an affordable price.

We can also develop a customised quote if you are seeking a unique vision. Give us a call on 1300 100 333 and speak to one of our professional staff about your music video production needs or pop in for a studio tour.