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Magic Studios has worked closely with SAE for some time. We are always on the look out for bright, young, ambitious university students to take part in our 12-week internship program.

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Throughout the 12 weeks we aim to cover a variety of content including;

  • Operation of Pro-tools as a digital audio work station
  • Operation of After effects and Premier Pro as video editing software
  • Operation of OBS as a broadcasting system for live casting
  • Basic storyline animation through the use of programs such as Doodly and Toonly
  • Understanding of session recording processes in a professional setting
  • Website optimisation through the use of SEO analytics
  • Post production audio processing with the use of RX
  • Email Marketing basics and curation of internet marketing content
  • Basic image editing with the use of Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Audio and Video editing using software
  • Understanding of live cast processes
  • Ability to execute a podcast/ audio book recording
  • Use of phone system to correspond with clientele
  • Use of Excel spread sheet booking system
  • Introduction to GoldMine CRM software
  • Ability to ‘bump in’ equipment for life cast webinars
  • Ability to complete an OHM (on hold message) production

We take pride in being able to take students from a class room setting and integrate them into a professional setting. Although there are many applicants per year, as we are a small team, not everyone gets a position. We constantly weigh up who is going to be the best fit with our team and who is going to benefit the most from their time with us. This is why we always ask for a recommendation from our previous interns…That’s right, if you intern with Magic Studios, you have a say in who deserves the position next!

If you are currently studying at SAE, are in Trimester 5 or 6 and are looking for an internship, please contact us on 1300 100 333 to apply for a position.

Not convinced? Take a look at our last interns testimonial below and see what is in store for your internship!