Perth based Studio hire for podcasts recording and editing

Pod casting is a great way to build a engaged and loyal subscriber base. Need studio hire for podcasts?  

At Magic Studios we can record and produce high quality podcasts that include introductions, segments and set pieces.

Regularity is the key to successful podcast subscriber building.

Do you wonder how some podcasts obtain tens of thousands of subscribers/listeners?

Set a podcast day and time that suits your audience.

Most successful podcasts have a regular set content release time and day of the week. This helps your audience become loyal as they know when the next podcast release is available. Try and fix a scheduled time that you know target audience will be available. For example if your podcast is directed to students do not release the podcast audio during school hours. Remember a large portion of the population travel and listen to podcasts during their daily commute. Consider releasing the audio just prior to this. 

Recording studio for podcasts

Record habitual podcast audio branding and themes. 

Record a professional podcast introduction. This should use unique carefully selected theme music that gels with our target audience with a professional voice over. Use a recording studio to do this. Do not take short cuts! You will loose listeners before you even start if this audio production sounds poor. Utilise the same sound effects regularly in each podcast episode. These will bring your script to life and help listeners better visualise and engage with a particular podcast segment or voice over content. Book studio time now, call 1300 100 300.

Recording studio for podcasts

Professional tools produce consistent quality podcast audio.

Yes you can record a podcast at home but listeners can tell. The dog may bark, mum walks in, the garbage truck drives by….. etc. If you are just starting out and don’t want to spend big money on a home studio, you can book studio hire for podcasts with us. Most podcasts take up to seven releases to secure the loyalty of a new listener. Magic Studios can make sure that your podcast recording has the best chance of success. Remember first impressions count! Book a few sessions in a professional studio. Then make the investment to do it yourself. Remember consistent quality podcast editing is something we can probably do faster than you at home. Whist many podcasts have great content, listeners can often become frustrated at poor quality audio or editing and drop off.


We can produce your whole podcast or you can record your own podcast and boost its appeal it by getting Magic Studios to record a great introduction.

The added worth of a sound studio, like Magic Studios will make all the difference to your podcast. Whether it’s a one off podcast to deliver a special announcement to clients, an event announcement or a seminar broadcast, having top quality sound delivered to your end users is paramount.

Contact us now on 1300 100 333.