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Voice over artists for documentaries, film and TV series.

Getting the right narrator or voice over artist for documentaries is not an easy task. Narration requires a very special skill set of a voice over actor. In some documentary narration fields footage can be sparse and the interpretive and storytelling skills of the voice over actor are essential. Magic Studios have supplied many voice over audio productions for video over the years. Our voice production projects have been very diverse, from movie pilots to full ongoing series, from scientific,cultural and factual documentaries to comedy and entertaining character voice overs.


Need professional voice over artists or post production sound studio editing done for a video pilot?

Voice over artist for documentaries

Magic Studios have assisted with voice overs and audio production for many pilots. The results for our clients final presentation have been fantastic. Quality audio and post production studio time can make all the difference to the final outcome of a pilot. Too often video directors short cut the audio mastering process and the effectiveness of all the quality video footage is compromised by poor voice over narration or sound. We can assist with voice over talent casting and audio post production to polish the final pilot product.

Regardless of the topic our voice over talent deliver polished performances. We ensure that the story is told in a manner that projects the topic interest effectively.


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