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Magic Studios creates broadcast quality voice demos for voice over artists.

Our Audio Engineers and voice over specialist have the experience needed to package and showcase your voice. After all we understand that this is your major selling tool!

If you’d like a voice demo recorded or a quote, please make an enquiry.

Below is an overview of the demo process and what you’ll need to bring to the studio.

STEP 1 – Preparing your voice demo

  • Develop the script for your demo. You can write your own script or purchase a professionally written script from Magic Studios. If you are writing your own, use radio and television commercials as inspiration.
  • Determine the scripts running order.
  • Practice the material before you attend the session. You want a smooth delivery as commercial voice overs require the ability to be delivered within time constraints.

STEP 2 – Your voice demo production

At Magic Studios we:

  • Review your material with you and make any last minute changes
  • Guide you in the right direction
  • Record your voice! We allow a maximum of 1 hour to record your demo

STEP 3 – Editing your voice demo

After recording, our audio engineer will edit your demo by adding music and sound effects, to create a marketable voice over demo.


Once your demo is completed we will email it to you as an MP3 and a master CD is also available on request.


Our in-house super talented think-tanks are versatile, have great ideas, fresh perspectives and really know how to craft copy. Let one of our experienced copywriting team members sought this too!


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