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Website audio production studio

Use Magic Studios for all your website audio production studio work. We are based in Perth but have been recording audio for websites Australia wide since Google was a baby!

Did you know that audio and video on your website homepage can improve user engagement by up to 40%. That’s huge!


There are many types of website audio production projects we have done over the years including:

Website Video Audio like YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Snap Chat and Instagram

Podcast voice overs 

E Learning and Online Training Audio and Voice Overs

Sound Cloud studio recordings

Slide share

Audio for social media channels


Enhance your website by adding audio to it. Magic Studios can add broadcast quality sound to your website and make it sound professional.


Voice overs are great for social media!

Website audio production studio

Audio for social media works because voice over artists make the video personal and directed to the listener. Viewers and listeners can relate to the personality, character and tone behind the website voice over talent. They relate to the fact that it is a real persons voice rather than just a series of images.  When a video is used on a social media post it can get up to 80% better user engagement when compared to just text alone.

Magic Studios can script and record in all social media formats and develop an audio production that best fits the specified channel duration. Did you know the optimal length for a businesses home page YouTube  company “about us” video clip is about 90 seconds? Vine video clips loop every seven seconds so Vine audio recordings need to be mixed to suit. Whilst an Instagram video duration is up to 15 seconds.

Magic studios can produce a low cost Voovi (slide presentation video with voice over) using our website audio production studio. Simply send us 15 high resolution images and a link to the topic information on your website. Our professional script writers will do the rest. Its so easy!    

Call us on 1300 100 333 or contact our production manager.