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Professional Voice Over Talent

When you use Magic Studios voice over talent you will have access to some of the best professional voice over artists not only in Perth, Australia but our talent network is world wide. You are also welcome to supply your own talent or record in the studio yourself.

Our talented voice over’s include radio and TV personalities, voice actors and character voices. And if you’re after a Foreign language voice or specific accent, that’s no problem either.

To view our full talent portfolio please Click On the image below your preferred voice over artist:

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We only use professional voice over talent

Some studios brag about having hundred of different voice over artists on their books and simply link to talent agencies. Whilst we can get access at any time to these databases Magic Studios is very select in who we add to our advertised talent portfolio. For over 15 years we have come to learn that most of our clients require edits to older existing voice over recordings. Most of our talent have been with us for many years and we can simply record the section that requires changing rather than redo and entire audio production again from scratch. This saves our client substantial costs and time. It also ensures that they maintain a consistent and uniform audio brand voice over persona. 

For an obligation free quote please contact us on 1300 100 333  or upload your script here: Recording Studio script


Why Choose our Voice Over Talent

  • Wide experience: Our voice over artists have years of experience in producing high-quality recordings.
  • Variety: Choose from our talented voice over artists from a range of industries. specialising in a multitude of read styles. 
  • Purpose: We have the voice actors to suit your next project. Corporate presentations, E-learning, characters, gaming, animation, narration, radio and TV, commercials and more…  We have the right voice over talent for every purpose.
  • Casting: need something unique or different? Magic Studios also provides managed voice over talent casting services. With a little bit of research, you can easily find the right fit for your project. In order to find the right voice over for your project, you’ll need to understand what qualities make up a good voice talent and how to evaluate those qualities within potential candidates. Then we will find them and screen them for your final selection.
  • Language: break down language barriers with Magic Studios. We offer professional voice over artist services in a wide range of different languages like Mandarin, Chinese, Cantonese, Hindi, Somali, Arabic, French and more. We can help you connect with any audience effectively.
  • Reasonable prices: Be it small or big, our voice over talent offer services at the most economical prices on the market. 

At Magic Studios, we have a professional and well-equipped voice over recording studio to deliver your project in the shortest time possible without compromising quality. 

What are you waiting for? There is no time like the present.

Get in touch with us today. 

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