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International American Voice Over John Roorda
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John is an American Voice Over.

Hi, I’m John  and I’m an American male voice talent. I speak for a living, and I would like to speak for you. With a lengthy background in corporate training, support and sales, I can not only deliver your content with confidence and authority, but I also offer the business sense to deliver your project correctly, on time and on budget, with clear communication and collaboration at every step of the way.

I can deliver a range of different tones and styles of reads. My voice can be flexible, whether you are looking for a smooth relaxed read, or a upbeat radio read, I can do it all. Many categorise my voice as the classical American male, but don’t let this fool you. I am more than capable of delivering a character style read for almost any application. 

Some of my favourite reads involve depth, thought, gravitas, and intelligence. Try me for your next E-Learning module, or for your next movie trailer. If you think you have a read style I cant deliver, send it over and I will show you what I can do.

To book in a recording session or to arrange a meeting simply call us now on 1300 100 333 or email your script to