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Featuring a well-rounded voice, capable of delivering a range of read styles, Evie’s flair for accents stems from a background in performance studies and an innate love of narrating books to whomever would listen. She is particularly adept at European and US accents.

A lifetime of creative mischief filled with several attempts to learn various musical instruments, Ballroom Latin dancing, and plunges into pedantic poetry and paint slinging, Evie peppered this with serious studies in gender representation and film analysis at UWA, completing her BA (Hons) in English and French.

For the past eight years, Evie has trained consistently in screen performance at the prestigious Nicholson’s Academy of Screen Acting, fine-tuning her skill and growth within the craft and deepening her innate respect for the actor’s process.

It was with great excitement that Evie joined the Magic team, which allows her to develop additional ongoing skills in the area of commercial voice work and the occasional challenge of singing beyond her shower.

As well as focusing her sights on the film industry, Evie runs personal branding and image empowerment workshops specialising in personal colour analysis and colour psychology.