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Audio Book – A Soldier’s View of the Vietnam War

Audio Book – A Soldier’s View of the Vietnam War

Recently we had the privilege of recording a very special Audio Book.

Peter Ramsay came to us wanting turn the book that was only available in paperback in a very limited number. Pete’s vision was to turn the book into an Audio Book so that the story, his story, could be passed on to new generations into the future. Pete was new to the recording studio experience and with some initial help from the Magic Studios Engineers soldiered on. It was quite an emotional journey for Pete as he had to verbalize out aloud for the first time some of the horrific events, he went through in the Vietnam war.


A Soldier’s View of the Vietnam War

The Story of Victor 4 V COY, 6 RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion

Gibby saw a VC positioning himself to shoot at Padre or me…he had seen the star on his belt and shot the guy dead…VC immediately returned fire along a wide front from perhaps 20 m…we could see the muzzle flashes and immediately began firing at them…they then fired an RPG that fell short on the bank between us.

“It is rare that a military history is written from the perspective of the soldier by the soldier. This audiobook is one of those. It is written by the men and officers of Victor 4 Coy, New Zealanders who served in the Vietnam War from 1969-1970, who tell about their experiences of combat in a faraway land. We have written the book not to celebrate war but to tell the next generation about what we experienced. It is right that we should do this for our children and for our relatives and friends so that they may know what we did. It is a testament also to those seven comrades who gave their lives for their country. May they rest in peace for eternity.” (Wira Gardiner)

The Audio book is available for purchase here:

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