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Character Voices For Audio Books

Here at Magic Studios, we understand how important your book is to you, and how having a good character read, can make the entire audio book production! Thus, leaving you, the client, over the moon with the result and leaving the listeners wanting more. It is essential for the voice artist to have a clear understanding of your vision, so they can best portray your character how it was intended. Because of this reason, we have put together a few things to consider when gearing up to have your book converted to audio. So, lets get a pen and paper, and start taking notes. We have some interesting information that will really set your audio book apart from the rest!

Let’s go!

The first thing to think about is the narration… Do you want the book completely narrated by one person, or did you want multiple people for all the characters?

It’s important to remember that when choosing between these two options, you have a lot of factors that come into the equation. For instance, having a single narrator can be more cost effective. Also, knowing which character is talking, through a conversational park of the book, can start to get messy if you can’t distinguish the difference in tone/accents between the characters. This can be extremely distracting to the listener, making it difficult to follow the story. Which ultimately means you could lose listeners. In saying that, multiple characters can also bring the book to life and leave the listener more engaged.

It’s a pretty big decision.

Character Voiceover

This is why Magic Studios have made it easier for you, coming into the recording process.

Say you wanted multiple character reads throughout your book… How would this work here at Magic Studios? It’s simple really, just follow our steps below!

Step – 1

Step one is to determine how many characters there are within your book.

Step – 2

Step two is to go through your script and highlight each character with a different colour (try and keep it to one colour per character.)

Step – 3

Step three is to identify and establish the profiles of each character. This is a background on the character, making you identify certain aspects such as: how old is the character? are they fat? Skinny? Are they rough or quite gentle? Are they loud or softly spoken? What is the character’s personality? All of these factors help the voice artists determine how they need to contort their voice to best portray the character.

Step – 4

Step four is to choose between one voice artist changing accents/voice attributes, or to audition multiple Voice Actors for each character (contact us to arrange talent auditions.)

Step – 5

Step five is for us to record samples of the voice’s and send them through to you for approval. This step can involve a little back and forth, to make sure we get that character just right. Once approved, these samples are then used as references within the recording session, to maintain consistency throughout. Quite often with a large character count, it can prove tiring for the voice artist and may cause them to slip slightly. This is when our audio engineers refer them back to the sample of that character, to refresh the ears of the voice artist.

*IMPORTANT* If you choose one narrator, changing accents/voice attributes as the characters appear throughout the book, you would need to consider if the voice actor will be comfortable alternating through voices while reading. Or, would it be best to record each character individually? This comes down to how many voice artists you have chosen and how comfortable the voice artist is with the accents.

All of these steps and tips are essential to us generating a proficient and adequate quote for recording and editing your master piece, ready for distribution. We know that some of this information can be difficult to digest, that’s why Magic Studios is here the entire way… Simply contact us for a chat on 1300 100 333 or email us at for further information.