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If you require a professional voiceover to bring your book to life, then creating your audio book journey starts here.

We often hear Authors say they never got past reading their book in their head using their own voice.  Most haven’t even considered how the narrator or characters will sound like in audio book form… Does the protagonist have a deep or high voice, speak fast or slow, loud or soft, with a mature or youthful tone, have an accent, confident or shy, etc.


Audible have 23 primary audio book categories, that usually comprise one of the following three most common type of read styles:


Corporate – Instructional or Educational

Narration – Story Telling or Personal Recounts (ex. Biographies and Memoirs)

Voice Acting – Character and Performance


Long format voice over reads, such as audio books, require solid foundations. 

To help you flesh out your audiobook personality we have created a handy checklist– CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

This can be used as a guide for our professional voice actors to use in the audition process.


To narrow down the possibilities before we start the formal audition process, Magic Studios have compiled a series of short reads from our professional talent pool below.

This is designed to give you a broad overview of their tone and primary read styles.



If you don’t hear what you are looking for… maybe a unique accent or tone… don’t worry! Remember all voice overs will provide a short customized audition sample based on the main characters of your audio book brief.  Magic Studios also provide further casting services to breathe life into your characters.