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Audio Production Perth

Audio Production Perth

Production Process at Magic Studios

During the production process at Magic Studios we always strive to create the most professional product possible to suit the brand of your business. Here are the steps we take to ensure we produce the perfect audio production from Perth every time.


Firstly, we need to know a little bit about your business. This helps us understand what tone of message you want to deliver to your audience.

Our voice over artists offer a range of different tones to suit your project. Corporate, conversational, fresh, upbeat, soothing and even character voices.

For Example, corporate productions representing high end products typically to steer towards a sophisticated theme. Business’s that represent retail or hospitality tend to follow a laid back easy listening theme.


For Magic Studio productions scripts are most commonly provided by the client directly. Extra charges may apply if changes to the script occur after recording, this is why proof reading is extremely important. Upload your script here to receive a quote, or ask one of our script writers for some feedback.


We have a range of library music and voice over artists on our database at Magic Studios. The music and tone of voice can instantly set the mood for your business type. Our voice actors can convey many different tones, from clean cut corporate tones, laid back, professional or hard sell. We have a wide range of library music genres to suit, otherwise why not use the company’s jingle.


We have two fully equipped vocal recording booths on site ran by highly qualified sound engineers. The sound engineers not only ensure your script is read correctly but encourage the best possible performance out of the artist.

Both studios feature industry-standard Pro Tools software, Apogee, MOTU & Digi design hardware interfaces, Rode, Shure & AKG microphones.

Post Production

Above all, our engineers at Magic Studios know how important it is to have clean quality audio for your end product.

We have a number of the latest industry programs at our fingertips that allow us to achieve just this. As a result, we can remove 90% of clicks, pops, mouth noises and unwanted background noise. Our most common noise reduction suite is iZotope RX 6.

We can even isolate dialogue from noisy environments.

Editing time can vary for each production depending on the length of the script. In this step we remove any pops or clicks missed by RX as well as breaths, stumbles and adjust the appropriate phrase lengths.

Once the session audio is organised, dialogue is compressed and equalised. Each final edit is unique depending on the tone and quality of the voice.

Finally, if music has been chosen for the production a side chain is added to fade down music whenever the dialogue is present.

Client Delivery

Audio is converted into the requested file format once production is complete. Magic Studios productions are most commonly MP3 and wav formats. For more information about what type of format would be best for your production click here.

The most important thing is ensuring the client receives a quality product in the shortest possible time. Whilst we usually deliver most projects faster, our turn around time is between 3-5 business days.

To find out more about how we can help you with your next audio production chat to one of our friendly staff online using live chat below, or give us a call on 1300 100 333.


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