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Why choose a male voice over artist for your audience?

Why choose a male voice over artist for your audience?

When you select a male voice over artist, you’re literally choosing the voice of your business and that’s a decision as important as any other choice you’ll make regarding your marketing campaign.

Selecting a male voice over or female voice over, its really about choosing a persona for your business and it requires many of the same considerations as your other marketing choices.

The first step is defining your objective. Just what is the goal of your production? Are you looking for more sales, more customers or a more diverse customer base? With your objective in mind, you can then define your audience, just as you would for any other marketing strategy.

When is a male voice over artist more appropriate for company audio branding?

It’s pretty obvious that if your product or service is one that is used exclusively by men, a male voice over is usually the best choice. No one wants to buy something from somebody who has no understanding of what they’re selling. This is of course unless it is to attract the opposite sex.

There’s plenty of debate surrounding gender roles in society, but for marketing purposes it’s enough to acknowledge that society has created certain roles for men and women. If your business offers a product or service that is most often used by men or is perceived as being part of the male domain, then your customers will likely find a male voice over easier to relate to. Listeners often have a subconscious trust already developed. 

For the same societal reasons, men are often (inaccurately) perceived as being more authoritative than women so if you want your business to convey a particular air of authority or expertise, you’d probably benefit from choosing a male voice over artist.

Certain industries are also still perceived as male-centric, so if you’re in one of those industries like Mining, Engineering, Technology or the Automotive Industry, it can make sense to have a man as the voice of your company.

In summary, people prefer to buy a product or service from someone they can relate to and if your business’ main clientele are predominantly male, or if your product is perceived as something mostly used by men, then choosing a male voice over offers your customers someone with whom they can feel an affinity and, hopefully empathise with enough that they’ll be converted into a customer.

Selecting the right voice for your business

Along with choosing between a male voice over or female voice over, you’ll also need to consider what style, tone and age are right for your business.

Finding professional voice over talent for your media production is an important consideration and it’s one that could mean the difference between clicks and conversions. Contact us on 1300 100 333 if you would like to discuss your next voice over recording project. 

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