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Want to reach a wider audience?

Want a better way to engage with your participants?

Wish your Seminar looked professional and ran smoothly?

Try add some virtual components to your production!

The Magic Studios hybrid webinar is how we bring the face-to-face seminar, into the virtual webinar world.

Ever been to a seminar and thought this speaker isn’t what they were cracked up to be?

Well now you can improve on your quality of guests. Access guests not only face to face but anywhere around the world.

Expand on your participant number by hundreds in seconds.

Allow your attendees to access your content from any location worldwide. Its cost effective and lower on resources!

These are but a few of the instant advantages of these hybrid events.

What does this mean with Covid – 19?

The corona virus (Covid) pandemic has been at the fore front of every body’s day to day life. Unfortunately, this has led to many people without work due to restrictions, meaning the inability to continue operations has made a vast amount of company’s close down, at the very least, temporarily.

How does this affect our Hybrid Webinar events?

Since the Covid pandemic has struck, companies have had to turn to an alternative to physical events.

Webinar Attendee 1
Webinar Attendee 2

Research shows us that 68% of event managers, have opted to solidify new process in the way the run their seminar events.

This move to hybrid styled events showed 65% of people surveyed would rather remote access a face-to-face seminar than attend physically.

If you haven’t been caught up with the new style of broadcasting, Redback connect (a leading company in streaming platforms) estimates that in 2020 alone, 2 out of 3 people are attending, on average, 6 virtual events in the year! Many of which are opting out of the face-to-face event, moving to the virtual.

The statistics show that over 5x as many people are more likely to attend a hybrid event then a purely face to face one. And it’s understandable with the need for social distancing.

Believe it or not, most people are actually willing to pay for a virtual event online, granted the content is desirable. This alone leaves the question, where is your revenue coming from and what is it going into?

So why choose Magic Studios?

To take advantage of Magic Studios Equipment and Knowledge of course!

Chromakey HW stetup
Magic Studios Chromakey Studio, Hybrid Webinar Speakers

The team has been at the fore front of West Australian Live Casting as it comes to fruition. The experienced staff constantly stays current with industry trends and techniques. The Magic Studios live casting facility houses a sizable function room to hold upward of 20 people at a time (safely social distanced). It also contains a fully operational, dedicated Chromakey studio with all the state of that art recording equipment. And the staff are welcoming and calming to all clients.

We are all under enough pressure in current times, there is no reason to put yourself under more by trying to run a professional live event. At Magic Studios, we can take the headache out of your event.

Call 1300 100 333 and talk with our friendly staff to see what package we can curate for you!