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Nova Sapiens The Believers Audio Book

Are you a published author wanting to reach a larger market?
Then meet David Cooper, writer of the Sci-fi novel Nova Sapiens: The Believers, as he discusses his experience turning his beloved story into an audiobook.
Teamed up with his chosen voice artist, Evie, David relieves the moment he began to understand the in-depth process required to bring his book to life. From approving various character voices to proof-listening the draft edit, the transformation of Nova Sapiens into an exciting new audio medium was a dream come true and beyond anything the author could imagine.
Working hand in hand with the Magic Studios creative team, David speaks of the excitement hearing his protagonist’s voice for the first time and discovering new layers within his novel that will resonate with global listeners.
Watch the full interview to learn how you too can work with us to elevate your novel.

Get drawn into the world of Kasih, the robot child, who navigates humanity and global politics that twist at every turn: Nova Sapiens: The Believers is currently available on audible.

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