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Slide Presentation Videos

Why use Voovi for slide presentation videos 

Videos don’t have to be expensive to deliver great product information and marketing results. In fact, in many cases so much time and money can be saved by using a more simplistic approach.   

“Voovi” is a Magic Videos coined term that stands for “Voice over Vision” –simple, slide-based presentation videos featuring music and professional voice over narration. With this addition of a professional voice over instead of just music or graphics alone, a Voovi delivers a personal touch to any slide-based presentation video.

  1. Viewers relate to and engage more with the familiar sound of a human voice than they do with just text and graphics alone. 
  2. Voovi’s are a Magic Studio collaboration with sister company, Magic Videos.
  3. Voovi’s are fast, very low cost and highly effective.

Here is a Voovi sample that was low cost and produced in less than 24 hours :

What do we need to produce a slide presentation video?

 For each minute of Voovi production we simply need:

  • Script with 140 words (one minute)
  • 10 to 15 high resolution static images
  • A high-resolution .png version of your logo
  • Address and website details for the outro 
  • Voice talent,as selected from Magic Studios
  • Preferred music track selection

We use a series of simple screen transitions to mix the images together along with our professionally recorded voice over to bring it all to life. We can also add in info-graphics and basic animations to re-enforce points of interest that the voice over may be referring to.

Starting at just $299 ,Voovi is like video, but only a fraction of the cost. It’s easy and quick to produce and still highly effective.

With video, sometimes it’s better to “keep it simple”. Don’t stress about complex story boards, sourcing acting talent, booking camera crew, and breaking the budget. Let our talented voice overs bring your Voovi presentation to life.  

Magic Videos can create your Voovi from start to finish. Simply email us your images and script or call us on 1300 100 333 now!

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