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Corporate Presentations and PowerPoint

A corporate presentation is a representation of your brand and an effective corporate presentation can be used in many ways, and to varying audiences. Adding voice to a presentation allows you to engage with your audience.

Magic Studios can even add the voice to your power point presentation.

Scroll down to see some of our recent work.


Agent Walker: Operation Safe Transit is a video for school students in years five and six and their teachers, parents and carers.  It shows you how to safely get on and off buses and how to travel on buses, and includes messages that complement NSW school road safety curriculum.

Voice Production is one of our many fortes at Magic Studios. We teamed up with ‘Transport for NSW’ to provide them with the voice recordings for this educational video.

MedAdvisor has been designed using state-of-the-art internet and mobile phone technology to provide you with a tool that ensures you use medication safely, effectively and on-time.

Thanks to our professional voice overs and audio engineers, we were able to deliver MedAdvisor the perfect character voice over for this production.


A little more on CP and PP

Have you ever tried to demonstrate something without talking? It can be extremely difficult to get your point across and even harder to understand, let alone comprehend. 

Even say, with statistics. Studies show that over 41% of information is missed when it isn’t verbally communicated. Use Magic Studios for our Corporate presentation experience and allow your employee’s, boss and even students, to have a better chance at absorbing your information.


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