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Voice Overs for e-Learning and Online Training Courses

Magic studios work with some of Australia’s largest website training companies for audio production and recording of Voice Overs for e- Learning and Online Training Courses.


In this article I will show how our voice overs artists and sound engineers understand how to connect to your script material. We will engage your listeners. Therefore our sound engineers guide clients and select the best sound effects and music. This brings all your online training visuals to life. Many of our clients need very complex and difficult to pronounce scripts and subject matter recorded. As a consequence the Studios always ensure that tone and delivery match. This means your online training presentation works. Ask an expert with over 10+ years in the online audio production industry.


Our work includes:

Recording studio work for e-Learning and online certification courses.

-Complex instructional audio recordings for online training.

-Audio for medical training purposes including first aid audio productions.

-Voice overs and audio production for induction and orientation videos.

-Mining, oil and gas audio productions.

-Building and construction video voice over work.

-Audio for educational institutions like schools, universities and tafe.


Improve user engagement using voice overs for your e-learning and online training courses

Voice Overs for e-Learning and Online Training Courses

Did you know that by using a voice over with your online training modules, your online students will retain information better?

Hence our online e-Learning clients have used Magic Studios for 10+ years. We have produced thousands of hours of training audio recordings for their website training courses.

In one of our recent e-Learning audio production projects a client reported a 28% better pass rate using a training voice over rather than with just images alone.  

Using a website training voice over dramatically improved user engagement and in turn increased the over all e-Learning course pass rates.

Because we are voice over specialists we can provide casting suggestions for your training and instructional audio needs. We ensure that all audio is relatable to your targeted audience demographic.


Send Magic Studios your e-Learning or online training script now for an obligation free quote. You can also use our script upload form or call 1300 100 333!